The best four cafes within 8 kms of The Foot Studio

The best four cafes within 8 kms of The Foot Studio

The best four cafes within 8 kms of The Foot Studio

For those who have met me, you’ll know I’m obsessed with coffee. I never wanted to be that person who couldn’t function until I’d had that morning coffee… However, after having lived in Melbourne for a few years it was inevitable, and I doubt if I could have prevented this from happening! Now that it has, I’m embracing it and exploring new cafes near my studio.

Walking is one of the easiest ways to keep active and healthy. Any movement is good movement – even if it’s to get coffee. The Australian Department of Health has now updated its guidelines advising us to reduce prolonged periods of sitting throughout the day even if we are getting the required amount of exercise per/week.

Here are my top four cafes within 8kms of The Foot Studio. If you have any of your own recommendations then comment below as I’m always looking for great places filled with great local people to support during my lunch breaks.

  1. Gill Street Cafe – this might be the obvious thought as it’s a 1min drive from The Foot Studio. I love the buzzing atmosphere before school, the hanging greenery creates a calming and natural environment, and the bright yellow door always gives me happy vibes.
  2. Daisies Cottesloe – this place oozes Melbournian hipster vibes of awesomeness and even has the coffee to back itself up.
  3. Ootong and Lincoln – anywhere that has a rainbow striped zebra mural to go with the mismatched chairs and relaxed cafe vibe serving coffee in beautiful patterned paper cups has got my vote. Nice job guys!
  4. Gilberts Hilton – this may surprise you as you might know the place as a fresh food market. They have recently started serving freshly ground coffee so sweet it tastes like caramel. Don’t forget to purchase your cheap fresh flowers whilst you are there.

What do all these cafes have in common, apart from being super close to The Foot Studio? They all sell amazing coffee with a smile, and are well worth the walk.

Feel free to drop in for a look at our studio next time you’re nearby grabbing a coffee!

If you have foot pain or are concerned about your feet for any reason, then book an appointment today.

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