Could nail laser work for you?

Could nail laser work for you?


The Lunula laser is an easy and convenient treatment that helps turn your discoloured and disfigured nails into clearer, healthier-looking nails!

  • Painless solution for onychomycosis 
  • No down time required and no risk of injury
  • No more embarrassing unsightly nails

The lunular laser is a low-level laser in a box that effectively targets onychomycosis. It uses two wavelengths to treat the fungus. 

How does it work?

The Lunula Laser’s impressive clinical response stems from its two therapeutic wavelengths: 405 nm (violet) and 635 nm (red)

  1. Anti-fungal and anti-bacterial – the 405nm (Violet) wavelength directly attacks and kills the fungus and bacteria
  2. Faster Nail Growth – the 635 (red) wavelength acts on the body’s natural immune cells causing increased blood flow bringing new nutrients and immune cells to the nails which speeds up the nail growth and treatment process. 

We have an incredibly effective antifungal regime here at The Foot Studio, which our clients are thrilled with.

4 step anti-fungal regime

  1. Lunular cold laser
  2. Specific topical anti-fungal regime
  3. Regular debridement of the nail by a Podiatrist
  4. Education on your specific infection – what is happening and why


At The Foot Studio, Lunula laser is incorporated as part of a patient’s personalised recommended treatment plan.

How safe is Lunula?

The Lunula is a very safe, effective treatment modality which is a fantastic alternative to those people who do not want to or cannot taker oral anti-fungal medication.

As Lunula is a cold laser, it does not elicit burns, pain or by-product fume inhalation like heat-based lasers do. Consequently, Lunula is safe to use in patients with co-morbidities such as diabetes or peripheral vascular disease. There have also been no reported complications or negative effects with this treatment modality. 


What is the effectiveness of Lunula?

Lunula treats all five toenails on each foot at one time, and the entire nail complex; nail plate, nail bade and matrix. Lunula laser has the highest efficacy for clearance of onychomycosis published in large clinical studies. At The Foot Studio, we combine the nail laser with the latest evidence based topical antifungal treatments and a home hygiene regime to get the best possible results. 


Why is Lunula NOT used as a standalone treatment at The Foot Studio?

Lunula may be used as a standalone treatment by other pracitioners, but at The Foot Studio we stand by providing our clients with the best evidence-based standard of care. This means regular debridement by our trained Podiatrists, as well as additional topical nail and skin care which will be discussed in detail by your Podiatrist during your consult. We are very proud of our anti-fungal treatment plans and believe strongly that we can improve and get rid of the toughest of infections!


How many sessions of Lunula laser is required?

The number of treatments is dependent on the severity of the fungal infection in your toenails as well as compliance with the adjunctive treatment recommendations. Typically patients will require at least six weekly sessions as this has shown to be the most effective treatment protocol.


Can re-infection occur after we get rid of the fungus?

Re-infection can occur as fungal spores exist commonly in our environmens and the risk is ever present. However at The Foot Studio, we have a post-treatment regimen that minimises this risk and we teach you daily hygiene measures to best protect you from this throughout your treatment. You will come out of your treatment plan with not only healthy looking toenails but with the confidence to be able to manage them yourself at home. 


If you’d like to see if Nail laser is the right treatment for you then you can request a phone call with one of our Podiatrists or come in to see us for a nail assessment. We’ll ensure that you receive an effective personalised treatment plan to suit you and your feet!

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