General Nail and Skin Podiatry Treatment

The Foot Studio provide High-quality Podiatry treatments for skin and nails.

We pride ourselves on doing thorough routine Podiatry treatment.

We know how important and valuable this is to your overall health and wellbeing.

A routine Podiatry treatment includes a visual inspection of blood flow, nails are cut, filed and cleared, removal of dry/hard skin/corns and a rejuvenating massage is given to end the treatment. Everyone over the aged of 65 years will have a neurovascular assessment conducted at their initial appointment to assess blood flow and nerve supply to the feet.

This is also a great time for one of our Podiatrists to educate you on appropriate footwear, answer any food-related questions you have and ensure you are doing everything possible to have healthy and happy feet!

We love going above and beyond for our patients.

We encourage any family members to be at the initial appointment if booking their elderly parents in for Podiatry treatment so they are aware of our treatment plan and recommendations.

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