Types of Treatment


High Power Laser Therapy (HPL)

HPL is used for both acute and chronic injuries. HPL helps us to heal the body from injury quicker. HPL is a light amplification device that works by stimulated emission of radiation in a safe manner. It facilitates tissue regeneration, works at a cellular level to enhance natural cell and tissue processes, improves microcirculation, reduces inflammation and gives pain relief.

Shockwave Therapy (SWT)

SWT can have beneficial effects including enhancing circulation, reversal of chronic inflammation, stimulation of collagen (necessary for healing, repairing and building strength) resulting in pain relief and quicker healing. Shockwave Therapy allows for immediate pain relief and a reduced recovery time.

Disability care for self managed NDIS

Ingrown toenail procedures and minor toenail surgeries

General Podiatry Treatments for Nails and skin

High-quality Podiatry treatments for skin and nails. We pride ourselves on doing thorough routine Podiatry treatment. We know how important and valuable this is to your overall health and wellbeing. A routine Podiatry treatment includes a visual inspection of blood flow, nails are cut, filed and cleared, removal of dry/hard skin/corns and a rejuvenating massage is given to end the treatment. This is also a great time for one of our Podiatrists to educate you on appropriate footwear, answer any food-related questions you have and ensure you are doing everything possible to have healthy and happy feet!

Orthotics - Custom Foot Orthoses

All of our Podiatrists are proficient in designing and prescribing light-weight orthotic inserts. We design these to suit your foot type and lifestyle. Gone are the days of heavy thick orthotics. All of our orthotics are 3D printed using the latest technology. We first do a thorough assessment of your feet to ensure orthotics are appropriate for you. A 3D scan is then taken to capture the arches of your feet using our ipads. Your orthotics will pass through more than 4 fully qualified Podiatrists to ensure quality control and the highest level of treatment.

Foot Cleanse (A new and improved Medical Pedicure)

This treatment is designed and executed by a qualified Podiatrists using sterilised instruments and safe techniques. A relaxing and enjoyable treatment where your nails are shaped, filed and trimmed. Excess hard skin is removed from your feet and a rejuvenating massage is given to complete your treatment.

Footwear Advice, Footwear fitting

The Foot Studio Stocks and sells a range of lifestyle shoes for both men and woman. Detailed Podiatry approved footwear suggestions can be made tailored to suit your foot type, activities & style. We also refer and collaborate with local footwear stores to ensure your feet get the best fit possible.

Heel Pain

We know how inconvenient heel pain can be! We love helping people get rid of their heel pain and get back into the activities they love to be doing.

Sports Injuries

Acute and chronic management. Our Podiatrists love helping our clients recover from sports injuries. Our clinic offers a huge range of specialised treatments that help you get better quicker. We have access to a huge range of treatment modalities including High Power Laser therapy, Shock Wave Therapy, Dry Needling, Customised Foot Orthoses (shoe inserts), CAM boots, a huge range of splints and braces, customised ankle braces, strapping, exercise prescription and so much more. We create our patient's personalised treatment programs so you know EXACTLY how to get better.

Corns and Callous

Removal of hard skin.

Discolored or Thick Toenails

Fungal, thick, psoriatic, you name it - we can help you!

Ingrown Toenails

All of our Podiatrists have training in ingrown toenail procedures and are extremely gentle. Conservative and surgical options. Local anaesthetic can be used if necessary and pain-free.

Childrens Feet

ingrown toenails, in-toeing, toe walking, flat feet, excessive tripping and falling, uneven wear on your child's footwear. Our Podiatrists are trained in the Gait and Lower Limb Observation Paediatrics (GALLOP) which is a screening assessment to see how your child is developing. We love seeing kids at The Foot Studio!

Growing Pains

Pain in the heel, feet or knees is not normal and can be alleviated in the growing child with correct treatment.


Injury prevention, rehabilitation, blisters, painful toenails, corns and callous.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic neuro-vascular assessments, injury prevention and education. The Foot Studio works closely with GP's, vascular specialists and other specialities to ensure the best possible treatment for our diabetic patients. We use Doppler ultrasound technology to review the blood flow to our patient's feet, a toe pressure can be taken if necessary, nerve testing, gait assessments, foot posture assessments, footwear fitting and measuring, orthotic prescription specific for prevention and management of wounds. Our Podiatrists often collaborate and discuss complex management plans together and have a fantastic network of specialists to liaise with if necessary.

Flat Feet

Our Podiatrists keep up to date with the latest evidence surrounding flat feet. We know when to prescribe orthotics and exercises for these foot types and when to do a 'wait and watch approach.' We love assessing and managing flat foot types and flat foot deformities.

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