Types of Treatment


Home Visits

High quality Podiatry treatment from the comfort of your own home. Please discuss appointments before booking online.


This is an arch support or insole for your feet. We design these to suit your foot type and lifestyle. Sports and slimline orthotics are available.

Foot Cleanse

A relaxing and enjoyable treatment where your nails are shaped, filed and trimmed. Excess hard skin is removed from your feet and a rejuvenating massage is given to complete your treatment.

Female Footwear Advice

Detailed and valuable Podiatry approved footwear suggestions tailored to suit your foot type, activites & style.

Heel Pain

Plantar fascilitis, heel spurs, fractures.

Sports Injuries

Acute and chronic management.

Corns and Callous

Removal of hard skin.

Discolored or Thick Toenails

Fungal, thick, psoriatic.

Ingrown Toenails

Conservative and surgical options. Local anaesthetic and pain-free.

Childrens Feet

Rotational deformities, in-toeing, toe walking, flat feet, excessive tripping and falling, uneven wear on your childs footwear.

Growing Pains

Pain in the heel, feet or knees is not normal and can be alleviated in the growing child with correct treatment.


Injury prevention, rehabilitation, blisters, painful toenails, corns and callous.

Diabetic Foot Care

Diabetic neuro-vascular assessments, injury prevention and education.

Flat Feet

The Foot Studio