No More Ankle Sprains!

No More Ankle Sprains!

Show and Tell time!

We have exciting news here at The Foot Studio!

Have you ever constantly sprained your ankle when playing sports, going for a hike, run or does your child when playing in the playground?

We are excited to partner with Brace for Innovation and be the first and only podiatry clinic in WA to fit and prescribe the EXO-L Brace. This brace will be able to get you moving and playing sport once again without the fear of spraining your ankle!

The EXO-L is a customised 3D printed ankle brace that allows for freedom of movement while resisting certain movements for people experiencing repeated ankle sprains. It is super user friendly and easy to fit when getting prepared for your activity or for everyday use.

Just like a seatbelt, the EXO-L acts as an external ligament for your ankle! Still allowing for freedom of movement the EXO-L just kicks in and protects you the moment before you are about to sprain your ankle.

Our very own Kookaburra Trent Mitton uses the EXO-L brace. It can be used for anyone with a history and fear of spraining your ankle or those who suffer with a neurological disorder such as foot drop or cerebral palsy or connective tissue disorder such as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. The Brace allows for improved mobility and quality of life, only stopping the movement that puts you at risk of spraining your ankle.

If you have any questions about the EXO-L Brace don’t hesitate to send us a message on facebook, Call us on 0413 288 698 or and one of our friendly Podiatrists can answer all your questions 🙂

For online bookings and availability Click here

Watch the short clip below for more information!

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