Four signs that your nails need expert attention

Four signs that your nails need expert attention

Your skin and nails are your body’s first line of defence. They stop bacteria, fungi and viruses from entering your body.

Nails are made up of the same substance as your skin and hair – keratin. There are many different theories on how nails grow. The most widely recognised and accepted is that the cells proliferate from the base of the nail compacting upwards and outwards towards the tip. This process is called keratinisation. It takes approximately 12 months for a toenail to completely grow out.

Our nail health often reflects our general state of health. Poor nail health and unusual discolouration can mean a number of things so if you are concerned or notice any differences in structure you should consult your Podiatrist.

Four signs your nails need expert attention:

  1. Discolouration – there may be white, yellow, brown colouring either superficially or completely covering the nail plate. Discoloration can mean a number of infections and should be examined immediately by a Podiatrist.
  2. Ridged nails – this can mean a number of things such as psoriasis, trauma, peripheral vascular disease, fever or illness.
  3. Redness, pain, swelling and fluid around the end of the nail – this can suggest an ingrown toenail and possible secondary bacterial infection. This does not fix itself and needs expert attention.
  4. Peeling skin at the sides and base of the nail – this can suggest emotional stress or nutritional weakness.

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Have you noticed any of these signs? There’s nothing to be embarrassed about, book an appointment with our friendly Podiatrist today.

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