SO, you’ve been told you need orthotics?

Orthotics are a great device to help support the arch of the foot and prevent or reduce foot pain. They are an insole which you wear in most of your shoes. Orthotics don’t have to be heavy, bulky items any more. There’s new innovative technology which allows us to individually design a slimline orthotic. Every body is different and so should everyone’s management plan and orthotics.

Orthotics should only ever be prescribed in combination with a holistic management plan such as stretches, strengthening, footwear and activity review.

One of the most common conditions we use them for is plantar fasciitis or heel pain.

If you plan to wear a variety of shoes (which I definitely do!) then you might find you need two types of orthotics:

  1. Sporting orthotic. Even if you don’t do lots of running and sports it’s good to have one orthotic which gives you the perfect support you need. This device is usually a little bit bulkier but it fits perfectly into runners and lace up walking shoes.
  2. Slimline orthotic. This is where the balance of art and science comes into play. It’s important to support the structures in your feet to reduce pain but it needs to be small enough to be practical. This orthotic is only worn when not doing high impact activities and is great for everyday life.

Remember, orthotics aren’t a death sentence and can actually be fun if you play around with colours, styles and types.

Note also that not everyone actually needs orthotics. If you want advice, or are just plain confused, book an appointment with me today to discuss your options with a professional Podiatrist.


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