The Foot Cleanse Craze

Feet treatment

The Foot Cleanse Craze

The Foot Cleanse Craze

Okay, what’s all the hype about you ask?

A foot cleanse is a new and improved healthy ‘medical pedicure’. “Too often I see the result of improper pedicures causing damage and pain to my clients nails and skin. I have created and refined a treatment which is beneficial to your health yet both relaxing and enjoyable.” Laura.

This is exclusive to The Foot Studio. A Foot Cleanse was designed by Laura, the principal Podiatrist and founder of The Foot Studio. It is executed with a high level of detail and clinical experience by a qualified Podiatrist.

“I am proud to offer this treatment as it is not something that is normally offered by a Podiatrist. I love hearing my clients say that they feel as if they are ‘walking on air’ at the end of the cleanse.”

A Foot Cleanse is a relaxing treatment where your nails are trimmed, shaped and buffed. Your cuticles are not damaged during the treatment but appropriately cut back if needed. All of your hard skin is removed from your feet and a therapeutic massage is given to end the treatment. A specific heel cream is used to replenish the moisture so often lacking in people’s feet and ankles. A foot cleanse also includes a health assessment of your skin and nails. Your Podiatrist, Laura, will recommend any products that would help with discolouration, hardening, thickening or areas of concern.

A Foot Cleanse is one of the easiest, most enjoyable ways to look after your feet this summer. If you want to experience what amazing silky smooth summer feet feel like then book an appointment today. Your feet will love you for it!


  • Daphne Shaw
    Posted at 14:36h, 10 November

    Hello. Would you be able to tell me what a Foot Cleanse costs please, and would it come under a Care Plan for a diabetic? I have not been to a Podiatrist as of yet, though I know this is important.

    • admin
      Posted at 16:56h, 17 January

      Hi Daphne, my apologies for missing your comment and therefore writing back so late. A Foot Cleanse is my way of describing a ‘General Podiatry Treatment.’ If you are diabetic you should be able to get a care plan made up by your GP which would mean I can bulk bill you. If you have any questions just call me on 0413 288 698. An initial Podiatry appointment is $95. I would also highly recommend having an annual diabetic foot check up with your Podiatrist.

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