Cycling Orthotics

Cycling Orthotics

Podiatrist, Laura Ellwood, prescribes and designs custom foot orthotics including customised cycling inserts. The Foot Studio is a modern and innovative Podiatry Practice where high quality treatment is our standard.

A unique design for cycling orthotics is now available from The Foot Studio. We use cutting edge technology to create a superior and unique product. A 3D scan of the athletes foot is taken to generate the orthotic.

Why do you need cycling orthotics?
Cycling mechanics are vastly different to those of a runner or walker and therefore you cannot use the same orthotic for cycling. Cycling orthotics are much thinner and support the foot in a different way to your standard orthotic. Professional cycling teams in Melbourne have been trialling this product for the past two years with great success.

Cycling orthotic mechanics: An unstable foot type in a cycling shoe leads to loss of power and performance. This leads to increased movement of the knee, leg and hip as the foot collapses in to the shoe. By stabilising the foot into a rigid lever this transfers power from the foot to the pedal in theory. The shape of the orthotic design is much more severe around the base of the heel. The lateral or outside column of the foot is also very gently wedged to increase foot plantar flexion and propulsion. Each cycling orthotic is designed and customised to the individual patient depending on their personal foot mechanics. Forefoot support is also offered under the ball of the foot. This reduces pins and needles, numbness and any burning sensations.

Who can prescribe cycling orthotics?
A specialised Podiatrist who is affiliated with Footwork laboratory and who has undergone specific training can prescribe these orthotics.

What are they made of?

Lightweight carbon fibre.

How do they fit in to cycling shoes?

The orthotics are designed with a narrow heel counter to allow for shoe fit. They have a very thin top cover which allows for foot padding and comfort without adding unwanted bulk.

Does a bike fit matter?

A bike fit is essential before prescribing cycling orthotics for foot or knee pain. It is crucial to ensure your seat and handlebar height/position is correct and that you have the right frame size.

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