Kids Feet

Kids Feet

Kids Feet

Did you know that in-toeing (or pigeon toe) is actually a normal progression of development? It’s normal to see some level of internal rotation of the legs between approximately 3-5 years of age. This should start to straighten around school age.

It’s advised to have your child professionally assessed if you notice any of the following; one foot is severely more pigeon toed than the other, frequent tripping and falling, if you notice uneven wear on your child’s shoes or if they complain of any pain or discomfort. What can Podiatrists do about this?

Firstly your Podiatrist will check exactly where the internal rotation is coming from (it can come from 3 main areas – hips, lower legs or feet and I find it’s usually a combination). We can then prescribe specific stretching and strengthening exercises. Appropriate footwear is very important at this age. Simple padding and gentle wedging with an insole can help with comfort and ease of walking but will not help reduce the actual rotational deformity itself. Orthotics are usually not implemented until about 5 or 6 years old as it normally resolves on its own with conservative stretching and appropriate footwear. Even if an orthotic is prescribed I find a gentle soft insert is all they need and sometimes only temporarily.

Each case should be assessed individually and a specific management plan devised for that client. An in-depth assessment with a Physio is also a good idea to review any hip or lower back abnormalities. SO, the most important question of all? Where are these gorgeous bunny slippers from? @seedheritage (I’m now an Aunty if you haven’t heard; so my little niece might be getting spoilt over Easter ????❤️?) just make sure they are in good shoes MOST of the time. Slippers around the house at night time during winter to keep their toes warm is fine!

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