Growing Pain in kids

Growing Pain in kids

Sever’s Condition (Calcaneal Apophysitis) 

Sever’s condition is one of the most common growing pains we see in children. 

Sever’s is a growing related condition that presents as heel pain in children and adolescents from 8-14 years old. 

It is most common in children who are frequently on the move exercising and playing sports like basketball, soccer, netball, football, hockey and athletics. Your child might be complaining about heel pain when they are running or jumping and feels better when they rest. 

What is the cause? 

  • During a growth spurt your child’s muscles may not have been keeping up with the development of strong bones, therefore causing tight calf muscles! 
  • The tight calf muscles pull on the active growth plate of the heel bone causeing inflammation, swelling and therefore pain. 


  • The goal with treatment for sever’s is to decrease inflammation by managing activity, icing, stretching/strengthening calves and hamstrings. Your podiatrist can use heel lifts, taping, exercise prescription, footwear education/advice and orthotics to assist with the tailored treatment plan. 
  • With a reduction in sports and more rest time your child can usually be back doing the activities they love in 4-8 weeks time.

We love helping kids stay active and healthy here at The Foot Studio! We know how important activities and sport are for social development and interaction for your child. Pain in kids feet is so much more than just pain. If you have any questions about your child’s feet then feel free to send us a message or book an appointment to have your child’s feet checked today.


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