High Power Laser Therapy

High Power Laser Therapy

High Power Laser Therapy (HPL)

HPL is used for both acute and chronic injuries. HPL helps us to heal the body from injury quicker. HPL is a light amplification device that works by stimulated emission of radiation in a safe manner. It facilitates tissue regeneration, works at a cellular level to enhance natural cell and tissue processes, improves microcirculation, reduces inflammation and gives pain relief.

The Foot Studio incorporates HPL into our patient’s personalised treatment plans.

What is HPL used for?

HPL can be used in different ways for acute or chronic injuries. In particular, HPL is recommended during the first 72 hours after and acute injury to reduce inflammation and improve recovery outcomes. 

Conditions HPL is commonly used for:

  • Pain
  • Inflammation
  • Arthritic Conditions (arthrosis)
  • Acute or Chronic MSK Injuries
  • Soft Tissue Repair – ligaments, muscles, tendons
  • Wound Healing
  • Diabetic Foot Ulcers
  • Cartilage & Bone Healing – (bone fractures, inflammation)

How Many Treatments of HPL is Required?

The number of treatments is dependent on what you are treating above. Recommended treatment numbers can vary from 2-12 treatments.

What You Should Expect After Treatment?

In most instances, pain levels are reduced immediately after treatment.

Why is HPL NOT Used as a Standalone Treatment?

While some practitioners will use HPL as a standalone treatment, at The Foot Studio we pride ourselves on finding and treating the CAUSE of the patient’s pain or injury and providing long term solutions. HPL is a fantastic way to reduce pain, decrease healing times and increase long term outcomes.  However, a personalised tailored treatment plan is essential for best outcomes. Your treatment may also include the use of a graded exercise program, particular footwear, immobilisation, mobilisation, compression stockings, shockwave treatment, Shoe additions, prescription foot orthoses and many more options which are essential for long term successful patient outcomes and to prevent injury recurrence. 


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