Could injection therapy be your answer?

Could injection therapy be your answer?

Could injection therapy be your answer?

Injection therapy can be used in many ways in Podiatry. Our Podiatrists are trained in using local anaesthetic injections for a variety of different conditions and procedures. 

Injection therapies are used to assist in getting the best out of your treatment plan and goals. Quite often there are some conditions that need a little extra treatment and don’t resolve through other conservative methods. 

Below is a list of conditions that can be treated through injection therapy: 

  • Ingrown toenail procedures.
  • Post surgical related nerve entrapments or adhesion of tissues. 
  • Heel pain, facilitating healing by creating an acute inflammatory response.
  • Tarsal tunnel syndrome, baxter’s neuritis, Morton’s neuroma by stretching tissues to reduce adhesions and pressure around the associated nerves. 
  • Burning sensation, caused by an isolated nerve entrapment. 
  • Use as an anti-inflammatory and pain relief. 
  • Change the healing of a joint through aggravation from chronic healing to the acute inflammatory phase. 
  • Increase healing capability within a tissue. 
  • Wart treatments to gain haemostasis (reduction of blood flow). 
  • There are many more. 

Injection therapy, when used in combination with other specific treatment modalities (stretching/strength exercises, taping, orthotics, correct footwear, high powered laser and foot mobilisation techniques) can facilitate optimal healing. 

Depending on the pathology/injury, often 2-3 injections may be required over a period of up to 6 weeks. It is important to remember that pain reduction is typically around 6 weeks, tissue healing 12 weeks and true healing and back to normal function around 12-18 months. This is why combination therapy is important. At The Foot Studio we strive to treat the cause not just the symptoms. 

To discuss if this is an appropriate treatment modality for you book an appointment with Laura Kelly or Stephanee Holt.

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