Cuboid Syndrome

Cuboid Syndrome

Cuboid Syndrome is a common cause of lateral foot pain. The cuboid is a bone in the mid foot. 

Common symptoms of cuboid syndrome:
Pain on the outside of the foot
Pain can be dull and aching, or sharp and acute
There may be reduced range of motion of the foot and/or ankle
Referred pain can be present to the outside of the ankle

Cuboid syndrome pain can be difficult to diagnose due to its broad range of symptoms.
Podiatrists will assess your history, foot posture, gait and joints to directly pinpoint where
your pain is coming from and a possible cause.

Cuboid syndrome is rarely apparent in imaging such as Xray and MRI, even when the
condition is present but is important to rule out other conditions it can mimic such as stress
fractures and arthritis.

The Cuboid’s role in the foot:
The cuboid is part of the midfoot and its role in gait involves transitioning from a mobile
weight acceptor to a rigid lever for propulsion. This role means that when it becomes stuck
or moves out of place it cannot play its role effectively causing pain and discomfort.

Causes of cuboid syndrome may include:
Sprained ankle
Excessive Pronation
Impaired muscle function
Sports with rapid, side-to-side movements
Wearing poorly fitting shoes, or shoes without adequate support
Training on uneven surfaces
Neglecting the need for rest and recovery after strenuous activity

Depending on what is the underlying cause of the condition will 

we are able to treat cuboid syndrome with various techniques including:
Orthotic therapy
High-power laser
Shockwave therapy
Dry needling
Exercise therapy
Footwear education

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